April 26, 2020 – Five Point Sunday

  1. Thing I’m Struggling With: Creativity. It has been nearly impossible for me to write this column during the past 6 weeks. It used to be very easy. The reason – my brain’s creativity functioning has been shutdown. @alexisrockley explained: “your brain has temporarily diverted all its creativity (aka ability to solve novel problems) to “how do I avoid dying?” while in a narrowed, slow burn, fight-or-flight state.” She’s right.
  2. App I’m Using: The How We Feel App. It’s a small way to be part of the solution. It’s so well done. Just check in on how you are feeling. For every new person that signs up they donate a meal. The data helps scientists identify outbreaks. It’s a way forward. Sign up.
  3. Thing I Watched And Brought Me Joy: The Beastie Boys Story on Apple TV – a true journey of friendship through life. It’s a beautiful story. I miss MCA.
  4. Thing You Should Order: A Pulse Oximeter. They are available online and give you blood oxygen levels. One thing that is happening with COVID-19 cases is people’s lungs are being compromised without them feeling it. And when they get to the hospital the blood oxygen levels are very low. A pulse oximeter will help you understand what is going on before you are in crisis.
  5. Thing I’m Optimistic About: Human ingenuity and American capitalism. People talk a lot about “reopening” and I’m not sure what they mean. A lot of things are now open just differently. Like liquor stores doing curbside pickup, gyms doing virtual training, and lawyers doing zoom depositions. None of this happened 2 months ago. Today it is common place. We will get through this.