August 17, 2018

1. Thing I’m Doing: Publishing a law book for non-lawyers. Both in law school and in law practice books were very expensive. I have law books in my office that cost $750. Understanding the law should not require an advanced degree. To this end I have published a book for non-lawyers on Connecticut Personal Injury Law (affiliate link).

2. Being Present: I am savoring the waning days of summer. I am enjoying the tree frogs.

3. App I’m Using:  Weight Watchers. After months of busting my ass at the gym and eating well the scale wasn’t moving. I was gaining lean muscle mass. And by all measures much healthier. So I decided to look even harder at my diet. I am enjoying the Weight Watchers free style program. And what I found is that foods like almond milk and protein bars were putting me way over my point limit. Since adding the app on Saturday, I have dropped 3 pounds. I like it.

4. Idea I’m Playing With: One of the best books that I have read in recent years is “Quiet” by Susan Cain (affiliate link). In the book Susan talks about how introversion and extroversion impacts exercise. I am an extrovert and get energized by things like group classes.  Know thyself.

5. Person I’m Following On Twitter: @juliebeman Julie is actually one of the first people that I followed on twitter (since 2007 or 2008). Julie is all of the following: a talented writer, a kind person, and an insightful observer. She is also a master of the medium. She has taken to using twitter to share stories of her life. I find her particularly interesting because she shares stories about growing up and needing donations of clothes and then later attending college with the privileged. Her understanding of both worlds and willingness to share her stories make her voice particularly relevant on today’s issues of inequality and gender.