August 3, 2018

1. Article I’m Reading: How To Count Your Macros by Mike Vacanti. I have been exercising a lot recently. Adding muscle. But not losing weight. A macro imbalance is the likely culprit. Are you eating the right amount of macros for you? Check out the Mike’s Macros App in the App Store or Google Play. Great app.

2. Supplement I’m Loving: Integrated Supplements Whey Isolate Protein  (affiliate link).  After analyzing my macros, goals, and strength training routine – I discovered I needed a lot more calories from protein. Integrated Supplements is a great protein shake. It tastes great and has 20 grams of protein with only 120 calories. Add in some almond milk and a little ice and it is delightful.

3. Mindset I’m Working On:  In business and in life pruning the garden. I am asking myself “do we need to be doing this?”. Usually I’m focused on growing and adding. But focusing on subtraction is a powerful tool for both personal and professional growth.

4. Quote I’m Pondering: “You may delay, but time will not.” – Ben Franklin

5. Show I’m Revisiting: The Office. My favorite episode “The Deposition”.