August 30, 2019

1.Parenting – The great joy of parenting is getting to watch a person unfold.

2.Thing I Did This Week – Sat under a tree in a chair for an hour. My phone was nowhere near me. I watched the birds. Listened to the wind. And just sat with my thoughts. I will do this again.

3.The Law – Connecticut adopted a $.10 tax on plastic bags that went into effect on August 1st. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a small law have such a large impact. Every time I’m in a store, I see people carrying bags, or asking not to have their things bagged. Laws do change behavior.

4. Album I’m Listening To: Alice In Chains Unplugged. If you asked me to name the top 10 albums of the 1990s this would rank. Not sure of the other 9. The rawness of this album is haunting.

5. Best Tech I’ve Bought All Year: Air Pods. I don’t leave the house without them. They pair instantly with my phone. And are very comfortable.