August 31, 2018

1. Thing I’m Finding Useful: Wet bags (affiliate link) we used these when our children were small. It never occurred to me to use them for smelly gym clothes. At the price of $9.99 my gym bag thanks me.

2.  Idea I’m Reflecting On:  Geography and how geography shapes culture. I recently spent some time in the Midwest and there’s lot of open space. I mean I know this, I’ve spent time in the Midwest before, but this time I was really thinking about how space allows for individuality and how that impacts society.

3. Place I’m At: I walked out of the final home game of the 2018 season for the Hartford Yard Goats last night. I said to the usher on the way out – see you in April. It is hard for me to get my mind around on a perfect summer night that the thing standing between me and watching more baseball is winter.

4. Thing I Should Be Doing: Journaling. I have had some very productive ideas come from journaling. And have journaled regularly for periods of time. Yet, I have not done it all year.

5. What I Am Doing: Trying to figure out where we’ll have our next adventure. Planning travel is fun.