I have bootstrapped my practice from a $2500 deposit in my firm’s bank account to the 15th Fastest Growing Law Firm in the United States according to Law Firm 500. I do not come from money. It has never been easy. I have taken myself from doing every job in my firm to running a growing team of 10.

Along the way I have spoken to lawyers around the country, written a best selling book on law practice, and been featured on numerous podcasts.

In December of 2019, I decided to offer this limited consulting service to handle the amount of requests for advice that I get in a given year. I have to balance my time spent helping lawyers achieve their dreams with running my own firm and spending time with my family. This emerged from me trying to balance those things.

I do very limited and very specific consulting work. We will have a brief initial no charge zoom meeting of no more than 15 minutes to see if I can help you. I have zero interest in working with people I can’t add value to.

I only work on a project basis. I’m not a coach. I can help you fix some specific problem in your business. Once that problem is fixed, I move on.

I only consult in the following areas: law firm systems, scaling a law firm, Filevine, legal tech, marketing, creating a firm wiki, and other operational issues.

My consulting work is done in 1 blocks on Zoom. Each block costs $500 and is paid in advance. There’s no contract. No annual commitment. I’m not looking for you to fly anywhere or buy anything. I’m here to help you achieve your dreams.

If you are interested please email me: