December 20, 2019

1.Winter Solstice: One of my favorite days of the year. A signal from the universe that major change often begins unnoticed and in the depths of darkness.

2. For Any Small Business Owner: I love Gary Vee. His keynote “How To Get Your Business the Most Attention Possible in 2020” is especially excellent. Watch it now and go out and “crush it” in 2020.

3. Best Tech I’ve Bought In The Last 6 Months: Apple TV 4K. It never loses wifi connection or buffers. The UI is intuitive. The remote is well done. And it plays so nice with all things Mac and Apple.

4. Big New Projects: I spent a lot of 2019 without a big new non-firm related project. Last week, I discovered my next big new project. It is invigorating and necessary for me. These things tend to fuel all else.

5. See Me In New Orleans: I’m beyond thrilled to be speaking at AAJ Annual Winter Conference in New Orleans. I’ll be talking about basically this.