December 27, 2019

1.I’ve Wondered About This: Water goes “stale” overnight because when it warms up its aroma opens up. Cold essentially masks taste. Wired.

2. Elf On A Shelf Tip: Parents know modern Christmas Eve means hiding your elf in a safe place to be taken out 49 weeks later. The last thing on your mind is remembering where you hid the elf. Set a reminder on your phone for next Thanksgiving with the “safe place” you hid the elf.

3. Hack of The Year: Use your phones Notes app to dictate ideas as the come to you. Time block time on your schedule to execute on those ideas. For example, I have a note called “operational ideas” and I block off 2 hours on each Wednesday to work on those ideas. I have not found a better way to move things forward.

4. Skill of The Year: Training yourself to listen to podcasts and audio books at 2.5x. It took me roughly 20 minutes of listening at those speeds for my mind to adjust. I’ll never go back. I can consume 2.5x the content that I would at 1x. That’s a lot of knowledge.

5. Percussive Massagers: Got one for Christmas. I haven’t felt this flexible in decades. Amazing technology.