February 14, 2020

1.What I’m Thinking About: The line between self acceptance and complacency. Which brings me to point 2.

2. Podcast Episode I Listened To: Brene Brown on Tim Ferriss where they discussed point 1 and many other things. Give it a listen if you are fans of either.

3. Book I’m Gifting: How About You?: A Handbook of Questions To Help You Live Your Best Life by Karen Caffrey. Karen is a wonderful person and this is a wonderful book if you’d like to do some thinking.

4. Product I’m Loving: Gold Bond Friction Defense stick. I work out a lot and my skin is sensitive so chafing can become an issue. I’ve used Body Glide before. But this is medicated and offers healing.

5. Thing I Just Love: Lifting weights. Resistance and weight training are tremendously beneficial. And there’s something just so satisfying about lifting.