February 21, 2020

1.Thing We’re Doing: Beginning our weekly meetings by going around the table and giving shout outs to other team members. It sets the tone for who we are.

2. Thing I Look At Each Day: A magnet that says “Action This Day”. It’s on my refrigerator at home and at work. A reminder from Churchill that the best time to do something that needs to be done is right now.

3. Talk About the Weather: The National Weather Service has issued its 3 month forecast. The Northeast is going to be warmer and wetter than normal. 2020 has a 50% chance at being the hottest year ever. Link.

4. In The Not Too Distant Future: People will wonder why people walked around with cell phones. Pandora announced a standalone app that works for the Apple Watch without an iPhone. The future will not be the phone.

5. Thing I Hope For: A political system and an electorate that focuses on data to craft public policy decisions. The age of ideology needs to end.