February 7, 2020

1.Quote I’m Reflecting On: You may delay, but time will not. – Ben Franklin

2. What I’m Noticing: There is a lot of cardboard in my recycling. So much of what we buy is shipped to us in cardboard boxes. I wonder about the environmental consequences of this.

3. Thing I’m Thinking A Lot About: – Kindness, empathy, and civility as acts of protest.

4. Thing You May Not Have Known About: Medical records companies are the worst. For years, the law was that we could obtain medical records for our clients for $6.50 electronically. An awful court decision reversed this and we will now be charged $.65 a page for medical records. This is bad for consumers to the tune of billions of dollars.

5. What I’m Counting: Victories in not doing things. For much of my life, I celebrated doing things. I’m now finding joy in not doing things – like passing on tortilla chips.