January 17, 2020

1.Thing I’m Doing: Just noting behavior. If someone is upset – I just think there’s an upset person. No different than going for a walk and noting a tree. I get to control my reaction. And I do this by noting my environment.

2. Thing I Did That Is Resonating: I love writing on LinkedIn. This post I wrote about giving myself permission has resonated with a number of people. Check it out.

3. Thing I’ve Stuck With The Works: Not drinking caffeine after 11 am. My sleep and sanity are better.

4. Thing I Won’t Be Doing: I’ve purchased nearly every Pearl Jam CD on the day it debuted. I’ve been doing this since 1994. Pearl Jam just announced a new album that will debut in March. I no longer own a CD player.

5. Best Service That’s New To Me: My firm needs a lot of documents notarized. We are all notaries in the office. In today’s mobile and busy world that’s not enough. We have taken to using Notarize and it is great. Check it out.