January 31, 2020

1. Trend Worth Watching: Meditation apps grew by 52% in 2019 to become a 195 million dollar a year market. I’m a big fan of the app Headspace. I’ve used it for 5000+ minutes over the past 3 years.

2. Another Trend Worth Watching: KFC is rolling out Beyond Meat Fried “Chicken” in a 100 stores in February. The stores are in Nashville and Charlotte. Early reviews are two thumbs up. May the future be more humane.

3. Policy Change Needed: Fatal car accidents in the United States spike by 6% during the workweek following the “spring forward” to daylight saving time, resulting in about 28 additional deaths each year, according to new University of Colorado Boulder research.  Needless deaths – we should stop changing clocks based on seasons.

4. Thing I Watched: Netflix’s Aaron Hernandez documentary. It was very good. The more we understand about the brain the better. The documentary is sad on so many levels. A complete tragedy of a life.

5. Thing I’m Listening To: Nirvana’s Bleach Deluxe Edition which features a pre-fame concert at Pine Street Theater in Portland Oregon in 1990. It’s a great set.