January 8, 2021

1.Bitcoin: The price of bitcoin has gone from 18k to 41k in the last month. I don’t understand it enough to invest. However this trend and its implications for society are worth understanding.

2. Thing I’m Using: I purchased a Peloton Bike in August. In all of the years that I have worked out – I never liked stationary bikes. I love my Peloton bike and have ridden for about an hour each day since I’ve had it.

3. Thing I’m Thinking About: That one of the things I love about the bike is that I clip in. It physically connects me to the technology and prohibits my attention from wandering. I think about this a lot in a world that is filled with endless distraction.

4. Thing I’m Watching: Soul. One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Brilliant in every way.

5. Why I Haven’t Written: The strain of world events coupled with my obligations to my firm and my clients have made creative thought very difficult for me. I think about this a lot as well. And the impact that stress and uncertainty have on populations that are marginalized. This is every day of their existence for perhaps centuries.