July 19, 2019

 1. Conspiracy Theories – On the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, I find myself thinking about conspiracy theories. Specifically how threatening human achievement can be. It’s more comfortable to think that something is staged than it is to accept that real people set a high goal and worked their faces off to make it happen.

2.  Work-Life Balance – A marketing term designed to keep people from achieving their true potential in life. It’s all one thing. You either play all in or not in life. Create a life where balance is not necessary.

3. Quiet – Spent 36 hours on Great Diamond Island in Maine. No cars and not many people The silence was welcome.

4. Summer – Why does it go so fast? We are now losing 14 minutes of daylight a week.

5. Red Sox – The Red Sox are a good and not great team. They are not going to repeat as World Series Champions. And that’s okay. No one repeats in this modern game. Last team to repeat the Yankees (98,99,00) led by Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera.