July 20, 2018

1. The Gratitude Slack Channel: There is all sorts of information on just how great gratitude is in life. I’m not going to repeat it here. The single best business idea that I have had in the last 7 months is to create a “Gratitude” slack channel where team members share little moments of gratitude. It is a game changer for my firm.

2. Quote I’m Thinking On:

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and
reflect.” Mark Twain

3. Best Purchase I’ve Made Under $25 In The Last 6 Months: The Fairywill Electric Toothbrush (affiliate link) . For all my 38 years prior to April of 2018, I had used a regular old toothbrush. After purchasing the Fairywill, I’ll never go back. It feels like a hygentist quality cleaning twice a day in my own bathroom. A fantastic buy at $21.95.

4. Place Worth Going To: For her birthday, my wife wanted to go to RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison. And you know what? You should want to go there too. Great staff recommendations make a difference.

5. Life Hack:  I have recently trained myself to listen to audiobooks and podcasts at 1.5x. This allows me to consume a lot of content in a short period of time.

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