July 27, 2018

1. Question I’m Pondering: Is the internet a net positive for society?

2. Best Wine I’ve Had Under $6: Casal Garcia Vinho Verde ($5.49) It is a delightful light white wine. Just perfect for summer. Has a bubbly quality to it. It is smooth, slightly sweet, a little dry and totally drinkable. To the extent one cares about such things, your guest will think you spent 3 to 4 times more for this bottle. It is pretty much available everywhere.

3. Product That I’m Loving:  Senso Bluetooth Headphones (affiliate link) currently retail for $29.97. They are ideal for working out or running. The are comfortable, stay in my ear, and sound great. And cost 20% of what Bose or Apple charges for a similar product. I have used them for 7 months. And they’re great.

4. Ice Cream You Must Have:  Connecticut has some really good ice cream. Grassroots Ice Cream in Granby is the best that I have ever had. Go there before the days are short and the sky is grey. They are not open on Sundays.

5. Choice That Has Made A Difference: Hiring a personal trainer. I got way out of shape in building my businesses. That’s living on credit. Hiring a trainer has taken the mental load off me in terms of wondering what I should be doing. And it keeps me accountable.