March 14, 2020

1.Thing I’m Doing: Covid-19 has resulted in several significant travel plans of mine being canceled. I’m going to use this “extra” time to tackle some big projects in my life.

2.Thing I’m Pondering: Figuring out what new skill I want to tackle with so many events in my life being canceled. I think I’m going to work on improving my Spanish. I have downloaded the Duolingo app.

3. Thing I’ll Be Doing: Tackling some home improvement projects that need doing. The door that is overdue to be painted is going to get painted.

4. What’s On My Mind: Making sure my loved ones and those who depend on me are taken care of.

5. Thing I’ll Also Be Doing: Isolating myself and my family as completely as possible from others. During this time I will turn off the news, shut off my laptop and go for walks, exercise, do puzzles, maybe convince my kids to learn Spanish with me and read books.