March 27, 2020

  1. I’m Noting This: There has been a lot of loss in the world. Ranging from lost dinners, to lost jobs, to lost vacations, to lost loved ones. The grief surrounds us. It manifests in many ways – anxiety and anger. It’s important to sit with this. And to acknowledge our losses individually and our collective losses.
  2. Doing Nothing: The best thing we can do is stay in place. Which is the opposite of how so many of us live.
  3. Thing To Do: The change to my life has changed many things. One of the things I’m remembering to do is drink water. Drinking water is essential for our health.
  4. I’m Practicing This: Kindness. It’s always good to be kind. It’s especially good in a time of immense anxiety.
  5. I’m Listening To This: Pearl Jam’s “Gigaton”. It’s fantastic. The production quality is amazing. I’ve listened through and this is likely going to be my favorite PJ album in many years.