May 1, 2020

  1. Thing I’m Using: I miss the gym. I miss my weights. It’s near impossible to find weights. I picked up a TRX suspension trainer. And I’m getting a great full body workout. It’s easy to use anywhere including small spaces.
  2. Article That Struck Me: Bloomberg has a great piece on life post lockdown in Wuhan. It’s insightful. The last line really struck me: “We worked nonstop for years, chasing every opportunity,” he said. Now, “everyone I know has one goal for 2020. It’s to survive.”
  3. The Space We Need Reflected on the Beastie Boys documentary and couldn’t help but think of how things have changed. If the Beastie Boys happened now, did what they did, they would have been highly criticized on social media to the point of being non-viable. They would never have had a chance to grow up and change. It’s a dynamic that scares me about today’s world. We are all works in progress.
  4. The Disconnect: Record unemployment and a great month on Wall Street – that’s April 2020. Paul Krugman explains why. Key line: “Investors are buying stocks in part because they have nowhere else to go”. The markets and the economy are very different things.
  5. Check This Out: The All In Challenge is fantastic. Money goes to various charities to help feed those in need. Hunger is a real issue right now across the country. Check out what Pearl Jam is doing and search around to see what your favorite artists, athletes, and entertainers are offering up.