November 1, 2019

1. Managing By Energy: Imagining my day as if it were a cell phone battery has been life altering. Some apps drain my battery fast. Other times, I need to be recharged. There’s no reason to treat our days any different than we treat our cell phone batteries.

2. Thing I’m Loving: Rockin’ Green Platinum Powder. I work out a lot and my clothes used to stink. No longer. I first soak them in my bathtub with some Rockin Green Powder and then wash. My workout clothes now smell like unicorns.

3. Other Thing I’m Loving: Lume Deodorant! It’s full body deodorant and it’s awesome. Lasts 72 hours. This is the thing you never knew you needed but you need.

4. Song I’m Listening To: Sunshower by Chris Cornell. This song is November.

5. Software You Need For You Business: Filevine – Filevine started as plaintiff case management software and has grown to being just fantastic project management software. If your business – big or small – has projects you should look at Filevine. It is highly and easily customizable to meet your needs.