November 22, 2019

1.Question I’m Asking Myself: What can I stop doing?

2. How To Defeat Paywalls: Using Safari in private mode and/or clicking on reader view.

3. Making Time For What Matters: There’s no better productivity tool than putting everything on your schedule and blocking time to get the things don that need to be done.

4. Daylight: Today the sunsets at 4:25pm in Hartford. That good news is the earliest the sun will set here is 4:19pm from December 7 – December 10. After that we start adding afternoon daylight. By the solstice the sun will set at 4:23pm.

5. Quote I’m Thinking On: ‘I emotionally underestimated the pull on my emotional bandwidth, the sheer determination it takes to stay calm under pressure, and the weight of continuous problem solving and decision making.’ – @BreneBrown speaking about transitioning from studying leaders to becoming one/CEO. h/t @hellodivorce