November 8, 2019

1. Best Article I’ve Read All Week: Matt Eagan’s article on modern parenting is both moving and insightful. Read it.

2. Unlocking Travel Deals: I start vacation travel planning on Google Flights. If you keep an open mind as to a destination you can unlock amazing airfare deals (like $200 RT to Europe kind of deals). For example you can search flights to Europe in February and then click on Flexible dates.

3. The Future of Conferences: Jim and Tyson from Maximum Lawyer just announced a 2 day Zapier workshop. These specific, technical, and productive workshops are the future of conferences. Conferences are great for ideas but where the rubber meets the road is implementation.

4. The Goal After The Goal: Setting a goal and then setting a goal after a goal is a way to keep going.

5. Radical Self Candor – I just finished speaking to the Minnesota State Bar Association. The have a wonderful conference facility. My only ask was that they record my talk so I can watch it back. I most recently watched a talk I gave in Park City and was mortified at the amount of pacing that I did. Watching myself speak is an awful mirror being held up to my face. But my goal is to get better – and this week I didn’t pace.