October 18, 2019

1. The Truth About Entrepreneurship: “What got to me was the discovery that to truly be relevant, to sell yourself and your brand, you need to dive far deeper internally than you ever have before. Nobody tells you when you build a startup that what you know about yourself is not enough. Every insecurity and fear surfaced when building my company. To stay relevant, being clear, grounded, and present became essential. To be successful (in the way many of us want to be), I had to become visible. To become visible, I had to be authentic. To be authentic, I had to dig deeper into who I am than I ever have before.” – Erin Levine, Writing About Self Love And Building A Start Up (read the whole article)

2. Best Software I’ve Added All Year: Acuity Scheduling (affiliate link). Scheduling takes up so much time. This eliminates that wasted time. Added bonus is I schedule more things like lunches.

3. Coolest Thing About New Mac OS: iPad pairs as a second screen using Airplay. This works really well. Check it out.

4. Core Values I’m Loving: Check out the Zappos core values if you are looking for a starting point to work on core values for your team. “Do More With Less” is essential for growing firms.

5. What I’m Working On: Being more aware of gender issues and being a better man. Currently reading The Little #MeToo Book For Men.