October 4, 2019

1.The Tough Parts Will Be More Tough Than You Think: Nobody thinks starting a business will be easy. The thing that no one or nothing prepares you for is how tough the tough parts will be. Be grateful that it is tough. That’s a barrier to entry for your competition.

2. Prepare For The Tough Parts: You must listen, read, and engage with people and content that will prepare you for the tough parts. The good news is for whatever you are doing there is an abundance of free or low cost advice. Consider buying yourself an Audible subscription or getting audiobooks from your local library.

3.When Things Get Tough: Don’t deviate from what you know works. For example, if you know planning meetings work – do planning meanings. Don’t skip planning meetings because things are on fire. Double down on planning meetings when things are on fire.

4.When It’s Tough Go Harder: There’s no time to feel sorry for yourself. Every business has a moment. When it’s your moment you can either watch it pass you by or you can go get it. If you really want it – go harder, work more, and double down.

5. Learn From The Tough Parts: You are losing if you aren’t reflecting on what hurts. “Things that hurt, instruct” if you are smart. If you are smart things that hurt will fuel your growth.