September 13, 2019

1. My Business Tipping Point: For years I was overwhelmed by the phone. I could get nothing done besides phone calls. Then I decided that almost all of my calls will be scheduled. The result was I was able to get important work done without being overwhelmed by a phone ringing constantly and having to play telephone tag.

2. Looking For Topics To Write About: Check out Answer The Public. A cool tool for finding out what’s on people’s minds.

3. Thing I’m Not Sad About: The Red Sox season. Last year they were one of the all-time great teams. It is hard to sustain anything. And this season makes clear just how amazing last season was. I’m okay with it.

4. A Work Hack I Can’t Live Without: I’ve found that starting projects myself and then hiring experts on Upwork to help me when I’m stuck is a highly cost effective and efficient thing to do. I did a spreadsheet and had difficulty formatting one portion of it. So I hired out the formatting.

I think it’s because it’s easier to hire for a task than a complete project. Project management is actually hard and requires an investment of time to execute on properly.

5. Rainy Day: Yesterday, it rained. It was refreshing. Rainy days just feel slower. And there’s less pressure to do anything.