January 10, 2020

1.The Best Way To Show Your Team They Matter: Fix their small problems. Every team member has some small problem – like they always have issues logging into some app. Find out what it is and fix it. That’s how you show you care.

2. Creating Culture Around Celebration: When your team has a win tie it to playing a song. Magic will happen.

3. Thing I’m Watching: Masterclass. I’m loving these. And what’s not to love? David Sedaris teaching you writing and Chris Voss teaching you negotiation – and so much more.

4. Hack I Learned This Week: Exporting audio from video in iMovie is really easy. Simply click the share button – select file – and pull down audio only. Your videos can be turned into podcasts with the click of a button.

5. Thing I’m Thinking About: – What I want my life to be apart from running my firm. It’s important to remember that it’s all one thing – personal and professional goals.